Yveline Brocoa

I am lost, therefore I am cruel. But I'd be love and sweetness if I had you...





Player Information
Screen Name: Sporkitious
Player Name: Spork or Alaina, whichever you prefer
Date of Character Creation: 12/22/2008
RPG: The Middle Kingdom

General Information
Character Name: Yveline Brocoa
Race: Horned Demon Acolyte
Clan: Black Horn Clan out of Solbaid
Generation: 4th
Sire: Pontus Asbamatabii
Years Lived: true age 102
Age By Appearance: Late teens to early twenties
Maximum Age: Immortal
Gender: Female
Occupation or Rank: Assassin and Spy
Demeanor: Soft spoken, highly intelligent, very loyal
Nature: She is by nature a kindhearted person who strives to do the right thing, however there is a leash around her soul that bids her to do otherwise.
Alignment: Chaotic


Height: 5’9
Weight: 111
Eye Color: Black
Hair: Blackish brown
Build: Athletic, slender but toned
Skin Color: Deep brown
Resources and Property
Haven: Royal palace of Inaaksu, small conjoining stone house that leads directly into the palace by obviously discreet means furnished humbly and instead of doors there are either long strings of thick wooden beads or thin fabrics of material hanging in the doorways, also no panes of glass in the windows of the home
Location: Hassim, city of Inaaksu
Wards and Security: Only those placed over the palace itself for her tiny home is also under the same “roof”, so to speak.
Wealth: (Will be established upon coming of age.)


Employees and Servants
Name: Gaald
Base Level: 5
Race: Demon slave
Age: 89
Position: House servant

Basic Information: Mild mannered, mute, human late-twenties looking man who was given to her by her King as a birthday present. Gaald tends to her every need and also doubles as a father and mother figure when needed. Due to the nature of this demons enslavement his mind has been so broken that even if freedom presented itself to him, he would not have the will to take it and, therefore, death is the only thing that would part him from the servitude of Saeed. However, he has found great contentment in being given to the young Neffari blood to serve her in whatever capacity she asks of him. He is quite fond of his new Master and at times studies the way she tries to retain justice in her ways, though her attempts are always in vain and end in pain.
-Also has two dogs that are pets as much as they are guards.





Brown Deluxe Saber: Base Damage Rating: 11.50, Damage: (6-14) 1.50[1d6] + 5 (Slash, Magic), Critical Roll: (15%/12-28) 18-20 / x2, +30, Poison Secreting- Poison attacks nervous system to cause paralysis as the blood of the victim is turned toxic and results in a slow death if not treated with antidote within the first half hour of being afflicted.

Black Saber: [+32], Base Damage Rating: 11.50, Damage: (6-14) [1d6] +5 (Slash, Magic, Chaotic), Critical Roll: (15%/12-28) 18-20 / x2, Contagion (Black): Infects a living enemy which causes an enemy's skin to begin blacken with rot, stink of decay, blister at the touch, therefore dealing 1d3 Dexterity damage and 1d3 Constitution damage.

Quicksilver blades: [+28] duel wield, Daze- Target is dazed and cannot take action for 6 seconds. Successful Will Save negates this affect. [This affect can stack up to 3 times for a total of 18 seconds of inaction.]

Red Bladed Saber: [+32], Infects a living enemy with mental sickness that feels as though their brain is burning with their head becomes covered in puss filled sores from high fever and deals 1d4 Intelligence damage.

Cursed Sword: Base Damage Rating: 16.90, Damage: (8-18) 2[1d6] +6 (Slash, Magic, Unholy), Critical Roll: (30%/16-36) 15-20 / x2 

[Note this weapon can be upgraded]  Bleeding, Unholy (Double damage to target of any Good alignment), Maiming (Whenever a critical hit is scored with this weapon it does an extra amount of physical damage depending on its critical multiplier- x2 - 1 to 6. x3 - 2 to 12. x4 - 3 to 18.) , Keen (the base critical threat range of this weapon is doubled), Deception (due to this weapon shimmering in and out of focus a +3 enchantment bonus to bluff checks, a small chance of enveloping target in darkness to make them vulnerable to sneak attacks for a short time is grafted into weapon), Improved Cursespewing (every time weapon deals damage, target must succeed on a Will save (DC 20) or be affected by a curse that confers a -4 penelty to morale on attack rolls, saves, skill checks and ability checks), Sneak Attack Bonus +4 (provdies +4 to attack bonus and +6 to damage for any attack that qualifies as Sneak Attack, even if wielder is not a rogue), Slicing (this weapon is incredibly sharp and will do an additional 1 to 4 damage to targets vulnerable to Bleeding), Sacrifice (target cannot cast divine spells)   

Drawback Affect- [Due to the insidious nature of this weapon it carries respite costs that must be paid in order to wield it at all for continuous usage.]

Day 1: Bears some identifying mark (tattoo in Griddaen for "Bane" since sword was forged from the body of a dead dragon).

Day 2: Temperature around sword is 10 degrees cooler.

Day 3: Sword continuously emits an unsettling sound (weeping, moaning, screaming).

Day 4: Sacrifice: Sword barer cannot cast arcane spells.


Large Meteor Hammer (Morning Star) stainless steel ball of hooked thorns all dipped in poison 3.5lbs, 8ft of chain link, small cylindrical hollow shaped handle


Combat Skills
Weapon Adeptness: Large Meteor Hammer (Morning Star); Sabers, Scimitars, Long Swords, Short Swords, Knives, Martial Combat
Assassin and Thief Skills
Adaptation, Camouflage, Climbing, Disguise, Escape Artist, Balance Adeptness, Blind Fighting, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Knife Expertise, Knife Throwing, Quick Reflexes, Quickness, Ambidextrous, Superior Stealth +3, Poisons-formulate, Running, Clinging


Horned demon Information:
Immortal constitution: +20 stamina, +25 regeneration, +15 Fortitude, +1 each per trait level.
Improved Strength: +5, add to subrace strength
Immunities: disease, charms, cold
Resistance: abyss and shadow 85%
Grip of Possession: possess through prolonged contact, vs. willpower, possessing touch drains Willpower -1 per ace per turn. Forms can be gained if demon destroys the soul of the one possessed, or be controlled by demon in this way.
Vocal Presence: dominate through voice, even enslave at high levels, vs. Willpower.

Telepathy: see below, includes mind reading vs. constitution.
Blood Siring: after death, bathe chosen in blood until skin is covered, blood infusion of 1 pint per generation.
Spiritous Stone: same thing as a phylactery, Lich Demon cannot be killed permanently until this gem stone is destroyed. Stone can be hidden anywhere near bone, flesh, or blood. The power of this stone resurrects the Horned Demon 1 d6 days after a cursory death. Strength of gemstone is 120, +10 per trait level. Acts as HP and vs. strength or spells.
Aura of Disease: radius of up to 4 feet, +1 foot per level as called when active, aggravated damage each turn aura is contacted, -1 AR per ace to anyone affected.

Clan Paths: []Necromancy with Clan Signature Power of Pestilence, Spectremancy, 
[]Genomancy (Horned Demon Special), []Sorcery, []Dead Realms Magic. 

Generations 1-3 take all paths
Generations 4-5 take 4 paths
Generations 6-7 take 3 paths
Generations 8-9 take 2 paths
All other generations take 1 path.

Demon Weaknesses
Lacks Physical Strength: compared to most demons, subrace stats +5
Susceptible to Most Elements: but cold, abyss, and shadow.
No sense of smell or taste in demon form


Demon Form

Horned Demon Form: tall, 7-9 feet, skeletal covered with very tough ash-grey, black, dark brown, or reddish-brown colored skin, but no muscle, clawed fingers and large horns of varying kinds. Skeletal frame is humanoid in shape, and either armor or layered clothing and robes are worn.
Frightening Form Penalty: charisma drops -8 in presence of strangers and -6 with casual acquaintances
Horns: +18 damage
Claws: +8 damage

{1-3} Touching subject.
{4-6} Within 30 feet of subject.
{7-9} Within visual range of subject.
{10-12} Within same city/borough as subject.
{13-15} In same state/providence as subject.
{16-18} In same country as subject.
{19-21} In same world as subject.
{22-24} Able to contact various subjects at same time anywhere in the world.
{25-27} Able to contact subjects anywhere and at any distance.
{28-30} Able to create mind gates to see, hear, and influence subject through a telepathic connection.
{31-35} Telepathic Visionary - connect to someone met before telepathically and see them as well as hear them and their thoughts within their surroundings. See and hear those around them as well. Area of vision is +1 yard per success radius around target.
{36-40} Formulation of Commands - Formulate and Improvise telepathic effects and powers, and make telepathic items, wards, or artifacts.


Clan Signature Power :: Pestilence

(add to necromancy as extra powers)
Arcane Contagion: infest an area with an arcane or necromantic disease or contagion as called. Affects those who resist and are immune to disease but can be resisted by MR.
Contagion: Contaminate an area with a normal contagion, microorganism, or contagion as calle d. can be resisted by those who resist or are immune to disease.
Disease Bolt: is a spastic disease which does aggravated damage and staggers -1 AR per ace.
Contagious Disease Bolt: like disease bolt but spreads to others who contact the one infected.
Call how contagion is spread: by contact, airborne, by water sources, etc.
Deadly contagions: if called, a crit is required, does progressive damage per day until cured or dead.
Damage for normal disease: can last up to +1 day per ace as called. Disease Bolt, if called   Genomancy (special path) About Feats which Improve: a resistance of +10% is acquired by the subject when feats which improve checks or skills are used. If one of these feats is used too many times on one subject, they become ineffective to that subject.    Prometheus: create the body of a creature as called, size of creature is limited to a space of up to +1 square foot per success, +1 square yard per success on a crit. If space does not meet requirements of called creature, this feat fails.
 Spiritus Facio: grants a Prometheus life, start with free check points, +1 per ace bonus to split as called, base HP by strength and stamina, +1 per ace level to start.
 Proviscus: alter the physical state of something as called, but not the entire genus. A bi-species can be crafted by combining selected physical and mental aspects of two species. Lasts until former shape is willed back into existance. Can also be used to refine, disfigure, or age appearances. Verses willpower when used on others.
Corpus Amplio: improve called physical checks by +1 per ace. Lasts until checks are lost. Health can also be improved.
Mentis Amplio: improve called mental checks by +1 per ace. Lasts until checks are lost.
Sensus Amplio: improve called sensory checks by +1 per ace. Lasts until checks are lost.
 Sensa Indoles: grant a called skill or talent to a Prometheus at level one, +1 level or +1 skill per ace, or improve a skill by +1 level per ace. Permanent when used for Prometheus, lasts until skill has been used for one day to others.
Abominamentum: a multi-species creature can be crafted by combining selected physical and mental aspects of up to +1 species per ace to create an Abominate Prometheus.
Immortalis Vertis: grant +1 regeneration or fortitude per ace as called. Permanent for Prometheus, lasts until used for all others.
Magus Imperium: bestow one power at +1 level per ace to a Prometheus, or for one turn to another.
Altus Factum: bestow a Prometheus with a great feat at level +1 per ace, or for one turn to another.

Physical Checks

Strength: 19
Stamina: 21
Movement: 16
Stealth: 16
Dexterity: 12

Mental Checks

Willpower: 14
Intelligence: 12
Charisma: 10
Alertness: 11

Logic: 11


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